Amateur Mycologist with Questionable morels shirt

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Amateur Mycologist with Questionable morels long sleeve
Long sleeve
Amateur Mycologist with Questionable morels v-neck

There are two questions people always ask me when they meet me: 1. Why Christmas? 2. What are your favorite Christmas songs? Easier to put in songs than words! For the next 48 Hours, I’m going to be living in my Spotify Playlist sharing songs and mixing my playlist for you to get to know me and share with you during the best time of the year! Merry Christmas! If you have any requests and dedications let me know! Amateur Mycologist with Questionable morels.

So we were talking about you at my Christmas Eve party last night and we were wondering what would happen if you wrote a song that really earned you a zillion dollars and then you had a kid who was spoiled by never having to want for any money – would you be a real-life version of the book (and later movie) About a Boy?